Meghan O'Connell2019/01/09

Winter is for Hibernating... and Updating my Blog

My blogs always seem to start with wonderful intentions of frequent updates on exciting new projects and lots of photos... and then the reality of life sets in and here I find myself 6 months later FINALLY getting around to giving you an update on my business.

We accomplished a lot in many gardens last year: 32 gardens to be exact! My favorite projects were the big renovations that we did in a day (or several) for new homeowners and for those getting ready to put their homes on the market. My other favorite gardens were those in which we integrated food crops into the landscape! Nothing beats homegrown tomato, green beans or herbs!

Since there is WAY too much to talk about since my last blog update in May, I'm going to make a few blog posts highlighting the progress of a few favorite garden projects.

This first series of photos shows the large garden project we completed in Belmont. We ended up installing almost 500 plants in total! It required a lot of watering and babysitting to ensure that the plants grew in properly. Thankfully, I was able to install a simple drip irrigation system on a water timer for the 3 foundation beds. The "woodland" bed was watered by a sprinkler, which I turned on 2-3 times a week as I made my regular maintenance visits. Enjoy the photos below, which shows the garden beds through the seasons from the first day of planting into summer and ending with a few autumn shots.