Meghan O'Connell2020/02/19

Transformations Take Time

I love going back through photos of our garden sites and seeing how they have transformed over the years. Today I'm highlighting one of those evolutions, helped along by human hands and also by nature. We have learned a lot by observing the plants over time:  which plants thrive in certain areas, but not in others; or which plants love a spot so much, they try to take over! It's been a fun and satisfying journey so far. I hope you'll enjoy these transformation photos as much as I do.

Year 1 in this Somerville garden. The two Amsonia shrubs (highlighted in the left photo) have completely overgrown this space. So I dug them up and moved them to flank the front porch. The Caryopteris on the far left is also outgrowing this space, so I transplanted those later, as well.

Here is the same garden after moving the Amsonia next to the porch, and bringing forward this cute little Boxwood, which was previously completely unseen. I added some perennials, too.

Here's the garden in the second year: I just planted a groundcover in the front of the garden, not knowing how much it would LOVE that spot... and you can see the Amsonia in the back by the porch blooming, as well as the purple Iris on the far left.

And here is that same front yard garden the third year: I have moved the Caryopteris, which are clearly taking off on either side of that center Boxwood. I'm definitely going to have to move that one on the far right somewhere else entirely; it deserves a much bigger space! And you can see that groundcover has totally taken off! It's doing an excellent job of keeping the front slope in place. No more soil or mulch falling into the sidewalk!