In our modern, fast-paced world, Green Urb Gardens is a breath of fresh air.

We strive to provide thoughtful and meticulous care to your living landscapes. We do our work while maintaining a conscious collaboration with nature's work, too.

We like to see mushrooms in the garden! They are a sign of a flourishing underground network of mycelium and healthy soil microbes, which are constantly caring for your plants.

A dead tree or shrub (as long as it's not endangering anybody, of course) can become habitat for local wildlife, thus promoting an interconnected cycle of beneficial animals, bugs and bacteria in your garden.

Instead of immediately attacking a problem with chemicals, we will try safer, more natural methods of treatment that will help your plants and do no harm to the earth.

We want your garden to look beautiful and to flourish for a long time with minimal care! By working in harmony with nature, we provide the best outcome for your plants and soil so that the garden becomes a self-sustaining ecosystem.

Here are the most common garden services we offer:

Landscape design

Plant installation

Hand weeding

Pest and plant disease control

Small shrub & tree pruning

Vegetable gardens, all stages of care

Edible landscaping: fruits, veggies & herbs

Seed starting and seedling transplanting

We offer year-round maintenance services at many levels based on your individual property needs.

Can you believe these 10 foot tall Mammoth Sunflowers began as little seeds in my house? We protected the delicate seedlings with a temporary fence and bird netting after transplanting them to the garden.